Transportation 2050

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Solving transport headaches in the cities of 2050

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public transportation

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How transportation is driving toward sustainabilty in 2050

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Through TransportationPhoenix’s arterial street maintenance cycle will be cut nearly in half, from 65 years to 33 years. The use of Transportation funds to implement these roadway improvements will also enable the leveraging of current resources to perform additional pavement maintenance on collector and local streets.

N.C. Moves 2050 Plan

South Central Light Rail Extension Office: Slider/ South Central Light Rail. TransitVision was established to build a compelling, collaborative vision that would inspire such ongoing aspirations and actions.

Our vision is an efficient, multi-modal transportation system, the key for sustained economic vitality and global competitiveness. Called the N.C. Moves Plan, the document will provide a year transportation blueprint that meets the needs of a dynamic state, characterized by differing regional priorities, while maintaining a focus on broader, statewide benefits.

Solving transport headaches in the cities of toxic fumes can be directly attributed to carbon emissions from transportation.

Yet, despite these unbearable conditions the. Envisioning transportation running on alternatives to oil — conventional wisdom just five years ago — is suddenly far from guaranteed. This is the case even with global transport demand expected to grow by 50 percent and the number of motor vehicles on the road to more than double.

Transportation 2050
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