Segmentation of nivea sun

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Cancer Research set to endorse Nivea suncare

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Pricing Strategies for NIVEA - Essay Example

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Strategy Briefing. Sun Care in Western Europe. Jul Sun care products in Western Europe stagnated overwhich was mainly due. The market segmentation strategy of Nivea as shown in the above diagram says it all how well individual and consumer requirements are fulfilled. Basically a product or a service to be successful one requires segmenting the market in sub-segments.

• Segmentation can lead to propagation of products • Narrow segmentation of the market can obstruct the broadband equity www. 2manage.

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com Market segmentation used by nivea: Nivea sun is a major international sun care brand, recognised world wide as a leader in sun care brand. Cancer Research UK has taken the controversial step of linking up with Beiersdorf UK, to endorse its Nivea suncare products.

The move is likely to attract criticism from campaigners who warn that sunscreens may actually increase the risk of skin cancer by encouraging people to spend more time in the sun than is healthy.

The face cream segment of the global skin care products market is further classified into sun protection, anti-aging, and skin brightening creams. The body lotion classification of the global skin care products market is forecast to bank on the growing significance of natural ingredients that help to avoid skin dryness, hydrate the skin, and.

Medicated Skin Care Products

"Leading hand & body care provider in United Kingdom Largest hand & body care producer in United Kingdom with value share of 15% in Nivea is oldest brand for Beiersdorf AG offering skin creams, sun protection creams, personal hygiene and baby products in countries worldwide.

Segmentation of nivea sun
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