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Transcript of Marketing Mix Recommendation: objectives 1. To find why it is so popular 2. To recommend a possible marketing mix PROMOTION UNIQLO secures a stable, high-volume supply of top-quality materials at low cost by negotiating directly with materials manufacturers.

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Principled. Passionate.

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Responsive. Lighthouse Public Affairs, LLC Principled. Passionate. Responsive. Lighthouse is the preeminent public affairs consultancy in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With offices in San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Palo Alto and San Rafael, a team comprised of seasoned professionals from a multitude of disciplines, and a roster of industry-leading clients. The 6 “UNIQLO CUBES,” have arrived in New York City, now at the Highline Rink.

The cubes celebrate UNIQLO’s innovative yet classic apparel in .

Promotion mix uniqlo
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