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upgrade impact analysis using solution manager instead of panaya tool?

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A longtime SAP shop with several upgrades under its belt, Hillarys used the Panaya CloudQuality Suite, a cloud-based testing and validation tool, to test, scope and execute the on-premises SAP S/4HANA upgrade in just six months, rather than the three years that was projected.

Since RDx's (Release Dynamix) release last May, Panaya's cloud-based application lifecycle management solution has been adopted by over 70 customers including global names such as Repsol, Ralph Lauren, Loreal, Mercedes, and BioMarin.

"52% of the Fortune have been merged, acquired, bankrupted, or fallen off of the list since " () "Digital is more than just tech, this is about new and disruptive bus. Panaya, which counts Apple, Coca-Cola and Mercedes Benz as clients, was founded by serial entrepreneur Yossi Cohen in Panaya’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution will bring automation.

News Analysis: New SAP Customers Face Maintenance Hike

SAP Solution Manager Techno/Functional at Current Project. To create Blue Print and Panaya Generate Business Blueprint and used for BPCA and ChaRM BPMon POC - Title: SAP Solution Manager. The SAP ERP Upgrade Challenge SAP upgrades are always a challenge, often taking longer and costing more than expected, because of all the uncertainties involved: Panaya’s cloud-based supercomputer is the backbone of Panaya’s software-as-a-service solution.

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Infosys set to return to double-digit dollar sales growth in FY16 - Business