Infinite surds

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Infinite Surds (IB Math SL portfolio)

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Infinite Surds (IB Math SL portfolio)

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I am doing a project that requires me to solve and graph infinite surds. Is there something in the formula bar that I am missing?

My task is to consider a surd as a sequence plot the relation between n and an. Rational infinite surds Just as some integer values of k yield integer results for some rational values of k 1/5(1).

Mar 09,  · You can google ‘infinite surds’ if you need a kick-start. PPS – the ‘simple’ answer still involves a surd, and there are two possible answers (it’s formed from a quadratic). However, they are at least finite, which is probably a smudge more manageable than the original.

Infinite SurdsSample Portfolio Task????Math SLFebruary 8, Part 1: The Infinite Surd Patterns with In this section, we are looking for the exact value of the infinite surdorder to do this, we are considering a sequence of surds of the form:ecoleducorset-entrenous.comigating these terms reveals a pattern.

Plotting Infinite Surds In Excel

Jul 25,  · Math Project- Infinite Surds? What's the formula(s) I need to put into Excel for Infinite Surds so that it comes out with a Limiting Value.?

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Infinite surds
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