Few lines on dusshera in hindi

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Essay On Dussehra In Hindi For Class 5

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Had a bad day at writing. The prominent aid of Durga in this popular epics may have led to her description. Puru obliged her and marked not to harm Alexander. Dussehra or Vijayadashami is the festival which can be described in these few lines: The occasion of Dussehra is the time, When the good emerges and the evil dies.

On 30th September the nation would be celebrating Dussehra with fervour and enthusiasm. It is said that Lord Rama defeated the headed demon Ravana in the epic battle of Ramayana to rescue his wife Sita from his hostage. Dussehra Is Also Known As Vijayadashami Or Dasara Or Dashain Or Tenth Day Of Navratri Or Durgotsav.

Dussehra Is A Hindu Festival That Is Celebrated As Victory Of Lord Rama Over Demon Ravana.

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Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi, is a major Indian festival celebrated on the tenth day of Ashvin month according to the Hindu calendar. This day falls in the month of September or October. India Gate is one of the largest war memorials in India.

The monument was designed by Edwin Lutyens, the chief architect of New Delhi. The foundation stone of India Gate was laid by the Duke of Connaught, on 10th February

Few lines on dusshera in hindi
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