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Socialization connects different generations to one another Turnbull If dealing with new life challenges, adolescents take comfort in defeating these issues within your peer groups instead of your parents.

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- The cycle of socialization is a process through which social identities are created, and in effect, each individual represents and is affected by their social identity. According to the cycle of socialization, the first stop in the socialization process is outside of one’s control—one is socialized even before they are born.

- Socialization is a process in which a newcomer adapts the behaviour pattern of the organizations surrounding culture and acquires knowledge and attitudes needed to become an effective insider to an organization (Van Maanen and Schein, ) Organization Socialization for a newcomer staff member is very essential as.

Socialization is a key for creating a person.

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Without communication with other people a human loses his human qualities. That is why it plays such an important role in the life of society – to subject a person to the proper socialization means creating a new personality in a way that would make it possible for this man to exist within the society.

Socialization is a process of transforming the human animal into a human being, of converting the biological being into a social being. It is said that the working of the process of socialization starts long before the child is born. Oct 08,  · Socialization can be defined as the process by which people learn to become members of a society (Tepperman & Curtis,p).

Thus, the socialization process of an individual starts from birth and continues throughout life.

Socialization essay

Other social institutions important to gender socialization in childhood are school, sports, and mass media. In sum, sociologists offered a variety of theories to explain gender socialization. The most fruitful to date has been the social interaction perspective because it recognizes that gender is an ongoing process and that gender roles are produced and reproduced in social institutions.

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