Case promotional novelties

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Allentown Toy Mfg. Co.

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Promo pro Ro Kohli followed his passion, and it led to a new channel of business for his distributorship. As the owner of Santa Monica, CA-based War Machine Marketing (asi/), Kohli is a crackerjack businessman who has provided promotional products for big-name entertainment brands that include.

Case-Mate is a retailer of specialty mobile phone cases in the United States.

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Customers can also upload their own pictures to the website and have a custom made case built for them. Customers who fill reviews speak positively about the product quality at Case-mate. A leading source of closeouts, liquidations, odd lots.

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Closeouts of general merchandise including toys, novelties, licensed products and promotions. Whether you need raffle tickets, beer tickets or admission tickets, we carry them all.

Allentown Toy Mfg. Co.

Come and see our selection. Trendy Cell Phone Cases on Wood and Clear TPU!

Case promotional novelties
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